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This is a great and functional game to help inject fun into your training. It’s super simple - its BINGO but with Volleyball goals. Use the prefilled sheets to get an idea of the kinds of ways you can use VINGO to enhance any of your training goals. Or you can use the blank sheet right away and create Vingo sheets for whatever you a reason working on. Print out a sheet for each side of the net and see who gets VINGO first!


Play anyway you like - training, and drills can get boring and dry as seasons go on - this gives you a way to still be training specifics, while having a little fun!



*specialty VINGO sheets are designed for HS/Club level teams, but use generally universal terms. The 14U template can be used for any level but uses more serve and pass related outcomes and is more generalized to level of play.


*the specialized sheet examples [offense, defense etc] have some blank squares - you can either fill them in or leave them blank, depending on how your teams are doing with the skills listed.


**Once you get a feel for how it works for your group the blank sheet is easy to fill in and use however you like. Just write on a blank and off you go.

Volleyball Bingo [VINGO] *Various Objectives,Offense, Defense, Fun, Blank

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