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We developed this Athlete Tracking System to create a learning language across relative levels of play and coaching styles. The main goal being to look year over year at growth in the same terms and needs within the program. Then be able to adjust consistently as the program grew in skill to accommodate new needs or goals to increase competition or individual level of play.


Use this Team Athlete Tracker however works best for your needs.

The 5 step rating system was adapted from an international soccer training program and does a nice job of making growth about progress and not as much about statistics or being perfect. Which was something we came to value in our gyms culture.


 -Enter Season, Club or School Name into Athlete List Tab Enter Each Players #, First & Last Name into Athlete List Tab
 - Each Player [up to 13 will have *2 tabs assigned to them and listed in the tabs]
 - - 1 tab is a preseason or 1on1 check in template you can fill in and print out to go over goals skills and player role
 - - The other tab is an End of Season Skills Print out that is populated from the data entered into the Skills Master Tab. [**print this out after there’re all filled out to go over with athletes.

 - Go to the Skills Master Tab to enter all skills and growth data for everyone all at once The rating system and its key are located in the top right hand corner of the tab The 5 point rating system is based on a simple visual and growth focused language that provides more specific feedback for often ambiguous growth concepts.

 - *Skills are broken into major categories:
Serve, Serve Receive, Setting, Defense, Blocking, Passing, Attack, Volleyball IQ, & Mentality.


 - **ENTER a *, or X or whatever in the corresponding rating number for each skill evaluated for each player [these will populate on the player tabs to be printed out.

 - Each category has several specific aspects within it.

**ANYTHING Entered into this sheet will be changed or adjusted into all the player tabs. [ie. change the specifics or even the rating system if you have something that works better for you and the program you are coaching]


As a BONUS this digital purchase comes with:

(1) Trend line game state template
(1) Fun VINGO Sheet example
(1) Visual Developmental Indoor Practice Planner Template


Indoor Volleyball (Team) Athlete Growth [Google Sheet]

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