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Use this helpful booklet to uncover:  '3 Easy Steps to a Healthy Mentality' Online Course.


Discover the difference between a 'fixed' and 'growth' mindset.



Get better at understanding your mentialty and how it effects your day to day life, your goals and goal setting. Stop letting autopilot take over.


Learn how you can start today to make more mindful adjustments and get more out of every moment!


If you are interested in this booklet - why not sign up for the full online course. Learn ways to better understand how you can be more adaptable.


SIGN UP FOR THE FULL ONLINE COURSE HERE  and recieve a $10.00 OFF Coupon for the store with purchase. (**see below for details)


3 Steps to a Better Mentality(.pdf) -

Excluding Sales Tax

    Being in a Whole & Healthy Mind is as important as any physical training you are doing.

    Not to mention staying as healthy & disciplined mentally is an important commitment to any success in your life.

    Be better prepared for the struggles and  learn to better understanding the difference between a fixed and flexible mentality is a great place to start.

    Take the full online course to unlock the tools of a more flexible mentality.


  • ***GET A $10.00 OFF STORE COUPON

    Get a $10.00 Off Coupon to use in the TERTAD store when you purchase this .pdf  & sign up for the full ("3Easy Seps to a Better Mentailty- Online Course")

    *To recieve your coupon just email after signing up for the full online course. (*please use your same email address as you did during purchase)

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