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A simple to use cauldron to use how ever best serves your purpose. We originally designed it to use at camps, clinics and tryouts to track large numbers of athletes over several age groups, over a few days of play/training.  It led to the form being used as a way to increase competition between athletes during a beach season while incorporating their attendance to stress it’s important e in their ability to grow and compete with athletes who were more committed. 


The basic set up is best used to track points scored and points allowed in a series of games during a session. (Any and all games work, and if you want you can enter wins for any games and drills as well to further separate out the data.
Keep track during the session then enter the data at the end, include any bonus date, or attendance tracking and you end up with a relatively simple evaluation of each athlete participating in your program.


Enter Athlete names into: [NAME ENTRY TAB] This will populate the [DASHBOARD], [Attendance], [END of Season] & [Age Group Tabs].
for names to be in correct age groupings you must enter names under the corresponding age.


 If you choose to track Attendance - ONLY Enter Absences to populate the Cauldron Dashboard and work with the Overall Ratings.

Attendance is done on a weekly basis in the Attendance tab [not per session]

Go to the [Age Group] Tab to enter Cauldron Data for each session/practice you track. (34 total sessions to use)


[W]=Wins [use for any game, drill, skill win for an athlete]
[B]=Bonus[use for any misc bonus points or extras you come up with] *we used it for teammate behavior & sportsmanship]
[P+] =  Points scored by an athlete in a session
[P-] = Points scored against the athlete in a session
[*PTS] is the running total over the sessions
[DIFF] is the point differential over the sessions
[*ADJ*] takes into account the attendance data
[#] is the athletes overall ranking including attendance (if you‘re using it)



Beach Volleyball Competitive Cauldron [Google Sheet] (*INCLUDES BONUS CONTENT*)

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