There have been many times I have sat down at the computer to try and work out how to explain, or express what TERTAD truly is. People tend to be confused in pronouncing it, others wonder how I made it up. It is a very real word, from a very real part of my own past along with countless others. Part nostalgia, part experience memory; "taer-tad" is the part in each of us that understands there is no one perfect path.

Difficult business model to be sure, but a necessary approach considering the deeply personal connection to where the name originates. Part of the point has always been that TERTAD would develop right along with my experiences.

Most of it these days is trying to find a way to merge my two biggest career and creative interests; coaching/educating & entertainment/storytelling. That is kind of where you find things now if you visit the website, youtube etc. Sort of a meandering content provider seeking its voice. But, you should know, where it all comes from is deeply rooted in what you see and experience.

When I was growing up, I was a swimmer and one of the main outlets for swimming was summer club swim teams. A grouping of neighborhood pools that offered teams throughout the summer and competed each weekend. It was my bubble of childhood. Every summer was the highlight of the year, every experience was a heightened, but most of a it felt like a 'whole me experience'. The kinds of moments where I felt safe enough to be fully myself and almost everything around me was asking for just a little bit more from me. All the right kind of bits.

All summer long we would get up at the crack of dawn, go to practice, then spend all day just hanging out at the pool with our summer friends. There was so much to the experience itself; every summer was the makings of a nostalgic "coming of age" movie. It was awesome! The name of this magical hilltop bulldozed:

"The Terrace Club"

And if you were a part of the swim team you were for all time a "Ter-Tad" or a Terrace Club Tadpole. This all acts as the grounding principals in my coaching, the stories I seek to tell, the ones I want every current generation to be able to tell when they get older. I believe we all should have some version of these summers at The Terrace Club to help shape the whole person we all eventually become.

Welcome to TERTAD Content!


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