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Updated: Feb 28

Athletic/Life Performance Coaching isn't always exactly what you think, but it might be what you need.

By: Brett Cherry

One big lesson as a coach in sports has been how little we get to choose & what is or isn‘t conceptually learned. We as coaches and educators don’t get to decide what is being learned and when - as much as we wish we could... or often think we do...or should.

The real world isn't a movie with the main character being given a ‘wax on, wax off’ lesson and then being able to turn it directly into action…

The lesson for many of us has become that we get the best results by creating environments and opportunities rather than mindless drilling and repetition. We create and ask for learning, discomfort and growth to be needed in an environment and then provide resources to those who resonate with it. We as coaches build the foundation, the disciplines and the opportunities to grow. Then, we must act directly to support the growth and not let outcomes become to distracting until its time for the outcomes to be the focus.

My work at TERTAD Coaching is built on creating these support moments, materials and insights for “all” of my clients. What we do here is not just meant for the big moments, the top 1%, or those who are in pursuit of Olympic type goals. Sports and the value they provide to Junior Athletes goes far beyond the field or court. The lessons learned as a part of the sports community reach into every day life and anyone with a solid sports background typically has an advantage.

For me its the little lessons, the simple opportunities at growth or practice with intrapersonal skills, [soft skills] that makes the biggest impact across the board. Coaching shows again and again cultivating these skills increases the level of enjoyment, and accomplishment within the sporting family and on into college and life. Building ‘whole athletes’ can be a goal of junior sports, and realizing that many if not most of them will be better served by being treated as whole people before athletes… Benefits us all.

Dealing with negative self talk - aligning goals with actions - eye contact - conversation, including difficult ones - learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable - self advocacy - personal accountability - healthy selfishness - and being more mindful in all of the pieces of life.

We are in a unique time; the sense of un-ease, the growing disconnect from connection is asking for change in coaching and sport. The growing disconnect between what once worked and what now might now be better, makes it imperative to be bringing more resources to “ANYONE” looking to enjoy their training.

It's key to learn how to learn to be best prepared for life during and after HS & Collegiate sport. Many if not most of our junior athletes will go on to be the next teachers, parents and...coaches that take the next steps in developing our culture and society.

It's time for more change to how much of our junior athlete training is set up..

TERTAD Performance Coaching is focused on putting resources & information in front of parents, coaches, athletic directors and athletes to help support the “Whole Athlete/Person” .

Too many athletes are quitting and losing out on the benefits of being in and around a competitive sports family and the connections that can be powerful in the development of our lives. Many of the day to day connection and self regulating skills an athlete or individual needs just isn't a part of their learning experiences. From eye contact, to difficult conversations, to self accountability and advocacy - we all need to strive to be doing better.

*Brett working with some of the Viper Beach 'Ohana' [SoCal 2021]

What Changed?

As I got into college and was exposed to getting more specialized help and support it didn’t take long to become addicted to growth! Things changed very quickly simply by finding the tools and support I wanted, or needed to level up.

Im not even sure why I was surprised at how much better the progress or experience was, after all a good coach and the right environment in athletics makes a world of difference on both success and the experiences you have.

Why would life be any different.


So Why Performance Coaching?

We all need a little help from time to time, thats not a shocker. I would even go so far as to say we could use help a little more often than we think. Helping clients see where good places are to ask for help and the kind of help for the situation comes up a lot. But the bulk of the benefit comes when you are ready to take more deliberate steps to improve your life in some meaningful way.

  • Confidence

  • Internal Scripting

  • Grounded Goals

  • Journaling

  • Mindfulness

  • Embracing Adversity

  • Critical Thinking

Performance Coaching the way I choose to do it is about listening to our clients, giving them actionable/flexible paths towards what they are in pursuit of and then supporting them a little as they navigate, adapt, adjust, and ultimately grow & change.

What is 'Whole You Focused'?

My approach to working with clients [especially athletes] is to balance specifics such as; goals, internal scripting, confidence, mindfulness etc with an eye on the reality of their life circumstances. One of the stumbling blocks in coaching [both in sports & personal growth] is to lose sight of the whole, becoming hyper focused on details, or end result and loose track of... life.

While athletes in pursuit of world class, professional or even simply collegiate outcomes need to have a more specific sports related focus, making sure there is a balance helps ensure there is a quality of life when sports is removed from the equation. Junior athletes need this quality of life included in what they learn - so at TERTAD it's a part of all our programs and coaching.

3 easy steps to a better mentality course

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3Easy Steps to a Better Mentality

What Makes a Good Performance Coach?

What makes a good performance coach depends on what you are working towards and what kind of help would suit you best. It is key to find the someone right for you! The coaching industry is like a lot of things - you will get out what you put in.

My role in all of this started as my own journey and my interests in my own life. Being more connected, my inner dialogue, wanting to make some stubborn changes and most of all to be living the life that worked best for me.

What Can I Expect From TERTAD?

The design of TERTAD is to provide tools, information and perspective in the form of courses, content & community. We also provide more 1on1 and group environments to work with someone directly. The goal being that you can get access to a lot of what we are doing through content & courses or when you're ready to really dig in and level up you can work directly with us to move forward in your own story - or start telling the one that best suits your life.

We are set up as a brand first so we are focused on creating an environment that supports and expresses the things, people, and cool moments we come across. We will continue to grow and develop right along with our people and our clients. My own dedication to learning, never letting myself be stuck & being in pursuit of a life I can be proud of right along with our TERTAD 'Ohana'.

How Do I Get Started?

It is super easy to get started on your path to any growth, big, medium or small steps are all you need to be taking. It's when you're sitting still that things get stuck.

We have a variety of simple programs available and more courses ready to go soon. Then when you're ready to connect and work more deliberately towards better confidence, time management, mindfulness, or even working to adjust your internal dialogue to be more in support of yourself reach out.

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Great to see you still helping young athletes! You were a great help to mine even in the limited exposure. Can't image how much a focused detailed approach like this would help!

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