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DTG Printing

Direct to Garment Printing or DTG is an alternative to screen printing. Graphics are printed directly onto the garment.

*Print quality  & color vary slightly with each item.

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping brings each item directly to your door. TERTAD curates the items we sell with our partners and they ship them directly to you.

A Shared Path

No Gimmicks, No Guarantees, NO PERFECT. This is real life; but in our version we come together to not feel so far apart. We call it the -   'Whole' Approach!


Whole Person Development

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Walter Anaruk/Parent daughter played for Brett for a year in high school and a season of club. Brett was, by far, my daughter’s favorite coach ever. Despite his calmingly friendly demeanor and patient tone, his demand for effort and focus were absolute.  His strength in growing volleyball IQ, mental toughness, and emotional consistency were the things that stood out to me about Brett. Because of Brett, my daughter grew as a player and I grew as a coach.

Ken W./Parent

My daughter worked with Brett for over 6 years and I believe he stands out among other coaches because he goes well beyond the mechanics. He developed a plan to strengthen her mentality, practice & game strategies, and her overall ability to be successful, learn and compete. Brett is innovative and engaged in the entire process of learning - getting to know my daughter and developing a specific bond with what she needed to be successful. It was his ability to learn with her, by getting to know her that made the biggest impact on our family and that already shows up far from her time on the volleyball court.

Katie P./Athelte

My time with Brett helped me build confidence as a player. I was surprised to discover how much faster I was learning and retaining training concepts after developing a more deliberate approach to practice. This new approach to learning/training helped me in so much more than volleyball.


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